Bonus Bear Furry Superstar

Sharp Photography is run by Jane Sharp.

Jane, like most kids, started life with big dreams. She wanted to be a fast jet pilot. She took her day dreaming a bit too seriously and accidentally ended up with a degree in aeronautical engineering. Shortly after this she regained her senses and realised she was far more passionate about photography than flying and so began to assist some of the top advertising photographers in the world to learn about advertising photography and to build up her portfolio. One of these photographers was a superb aerial photographer so she ended up hanging out in planes and out of helicopters anyway.

Building up a reputation for her colourful work and technical ability Jane began to shoot for design agencies, magazines and directly for clients. She now has over 15 years experience of shooting still life, portraits, food and fashion for advertising clients, design agencies and also for private commissions. She has clients from all over the world.

Jane is based in London and Brighton and lives with Bonus her trusty border terrier and “him indoors”. Getting her pilot’s license is still on her to do list.