Cut Out Shots

Our cut out service complements our product photography service. 
Most of our product photography is shot on a white background. We use clean simple lighting to light both the product and the background. For simple, non reflective items this is usually enough to reproduce the colours of the item accurately and for the background to appear white. See the example here, this is how most of the products in our products gallery are photographed. 
For some products, for example light coloured jewellery, it is almost impossible to light the product accurately and to also maintain a completely white background in one shot. To get round this we light for product accuracy and in post production we cut out the product in Photoshop and place it on a white background. As this takes extra time and skill we charge this as an additional service so that clients can choose whether to opt for it or not. 
There are other factors to consider when deciding whether or not to opt for the cut out service. Products that are not cut out tend to look more realistic and 3 dimensional, as the background shadows are very natural, whereas cut outs tend to look like they’re floating. On the other hand, if you have many very different items to be shot and it is important that all the backgrounds look completely consistent then it is better to have them all cut out.  Look at the example photo below to see the difference.
If you are not sure whether opting for the cut our service is best for you just get in touch and ask us, we’re always happy to advice you on your individual project, and have a look at the products gallery to see more of our work.