Styling male fashion photographGood styling makes the difference between a great photo and a fantastic one. If you are planning a food, fashion or interiors shoot it’s worth using a good stylist to bring great props and to add the final touches.

Stylists do two jobs. They find products to be used as props for shoots. They also come to shoots to style the products for the camera, to iron clothes and tablecloths, dress models, arrange props on set etc. Depending on the job a stylist might only source clothes and props or only attend the shot, for example for a handbag shoot the client will bring all the products but the stylist will be on hand to pad out the bags, snip any loose threads, polish and buff them.
The stylists we work with are:
  • Fashion stylists, for fashion and portrait shoots, providing clothes, accessories and props. 
  • Hair and Make up Artists, again for fashion and portrait shoots, and for high end corporate brochures.
  • Prop stylists for interiors and still life photography.
  • Food stylists for food and restaurants shoots, for bringing tableware and props and styling the sets on the shoot day.
  • Home Economists. Whilst not strictly stylists, home economists prepare food for food shoots but a lot of them will also style food on set and brings props if asked.
If you are interested in finding out more about how styling fits into a big production shoot read the full production page.