Full production

Full Service Production fashion photographWe offer a full photography production service for advertising photography, from original concept creation through to realisation and delivery. We can also help with services additional to photography. If you are interested in this please also read the Design Page.

Full production services include:

  • Pre-production and planning.

    This process works backwards: we start with looking at what the client wants to produce whether it’s an advertising campaign, catalogue, magazine spread etc. Then we work out how to do it from the beginning, the planning, logistics, budgeting, post production and delivery.
  • Location finding.

    Whether it’s for a studio or location shoot, we can find the right place to shoot or to keep it simple we can set up and shoot at a clients premises.
  • Set design and set build.

    If you can’t find the right location we can arrange for it to be built in a studio. We build small sets in house, for bigger sets we bring in set builders, carpenters, sculptures and artists.
  • Props and Backgrounds.

    We can source props and painted backdrops to hire for shoots. If we can’t find what you need we can have something bespoke made for you.
  • Model making.

    If you haven’t got the real thing, or you need something at a different scale, we can organise having a model built to your specifications.
  • Model casting.

     Finding the right look and the right personality is crucial for people shots. We use  different model agencies for all different kinds of models: fashion, lingerie, catalogue, character etc. Alternatively we can organise street casting. We prefer clients to be as involved as possible in casting but if you’re in a hurry we can do this for you and agree choices by email or phone.
  • Hair and make up.

    Hair and make up isn’t “the cherry on the cake” for great people shots, it’s an essential and so we keep a rosta of our favourite hair and make up artists who can do everything from light grooming for men to high fashion, to prosthetics.
  • Styling.

    If you’re planning a food, fashion or interiors shoot it’s worth getting a professional stylist to bring an abundance of props and backgrounds and to be on hand at the shoot to add the little touches of perfection. See the styling page for more info.
  • Home economists.

    On a photoshoot the home economist makes all the food to be photographed and makes it look becautiful too. Sometimes it makes sense for clients to use their own chefs and sometimes it is better to use a home economist who knows the tricks of the trade. Creating food for photography can be very different to creating food for eating. We work with home economists who are experienced in food photography for editorial, advertising and packaging.
  • Retouching.

    For big production shoots the chances are at least some retouching will be needed to bring everything together, to tidy up to perfection, or to create something digitally that cannot be done for real. We always advice what is and isn’t possible with retouching and discuss the costs and time involved, some things are very easy but other requests, whilst they may look simple in the final shot, can take hours of work. If you are interested in this talk to us about it, we do some retouching in house and some is done by our partners.


If you are interested in a full production shoot we can put together a shoot plan for you including some or all of the services described above. Call or email us and we will talk you through what we can do for you.