If you haven’t commissioned photography before, you might find the following helpful. If you still have further questions contact us: Info@JaneSharp.com.

How much will it cost?

Every shoot we do is different so we don’t have set charges. If you email us we will get straight back to you with an estimate. If you are in a hurry or want to talk through ideas or possibilities it may be easier to phone us on +44 7775 895 477.

I’m a good photographer why don’t I take the photos myself?

Of course you could do. There is no reason why an eight year old with a disposable camera cannot produce a superb award winning photograph. But the best image for you may need careful lighting and the benefits of using professional camera equipment. Alternatively you may have a great idea and not know how to realise it, and of course we like to think we can take your idea and make it even better. We always talk ideas through with our clients very thoroughly. As experienced image producers we know what works and what sells, when you commission us creative input is all part of the service.

Can I keep the original photos and use them for anything I want?

In order to protect data and film from damage we retain all the images we produce and we will issue you with a license to use the photos as agreed. If in the future you wish to use the images again we can issue you with an additional usage license. We always retain the copyright on our work unless there is prior agreement.

I’m in a hurry, have you got a picture you can send me that I can use right now?

We might have as we have an ever increasing library of stock images and can send large digital files immediately. At present we hold travel images of England, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Tokyo, Luxor, and some natural history images. Alternatively we might be able to shoot something specifically for you and deliver it within a few hours, it is always worth asking.

I haven’t quite seen what I’m looking for why should I commission you rather than someone else?

Most photographers categorise themselves as only a still-life photographer, only a studio photographer, or only a car photographer. We enjoy shooting a huge variety of different subjects in every kind of environment. We bring experience from all different aspects of photography and it is this variety that makes us unique, keeps our creative vision fresh and allows us to continually improve our skills. Very few photographers can provide this wealth of diversity.

I need to get a lot of things shot in one day, will it be possible?

We can advise you of what will or will not be achievable. Sometimes it takes a long time to light a set to make it look perfect and so we will agree before the shoot how many shots can be achieved per day. We will always stay as long as necessary to complete a shoot and get it looking beautiful, we would much rather stay late and finish a job well. We never start to cut corners just because the clock turns 5pm.